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It used to be that estate and gift taxes applied only to the wealthiest individuals and families. Today, millions of Americans are in the position where estate planning makes good financial sense.

Our Advisors can advise you on estate planning that will help ensure a solid financial future for you and your loved ones. We can help with such estate planning investments as 529 plans, trusts, wills, charitable giving, provisions for special needs children, and succession planning for farmers and business owners.

Why Estate Planning?

Our comprehensive roadmap will set your mind at ease. Know where your money is and where it will go. Feel comfortable knowing your family will be taken care of. With our help you can:

  • Design, Develop, and Implement a Comprehensive Roadmap for your Retirement and Estate.
  • Create a Financial Legacy for your Family by Protecting & Preserving your Assets from Government Taxes, Probate & Nursing Home Costs.
  • Reduce the Risk of Family Conflict.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind!

We Come to You

House calls are our specialty. We understand our offices might not be near you or traveling could be a burden. At Legacy Estate Partners, we care. That’s why we’ll come out to your house to have our meetings. Find out what our meetings entail.

Five Pillars of Sound Estate Planning

We believe in the Five Pillars of Sound Estate Planning. Balancing the five pillars solidifies your estate plan.

  • Goals: clear goals direct your investments
  • Wealth: analyzing your current and expected wealth gives clearer expectations
  • Taxes: knowing the tax code can change your planning
  • Health: understanding your health plays into your estate choices
  • Legal: working with a lawyer secures your decisions

ALL Five Must Be In Sound Order To Have A Solid Estate Plan!

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