Joseph M. Franz, President/CEO

joeJoe Franz is the President and CEO of Legacy Estate Partners with 35+ years of trusted client relationships and business expertise. Joe’s team is comprised of highly regarded and experienced Legal, Financial, Insurance and Tax Professionals who understand the importance of Sound Estate Planning with utmost integrity! Joe and his team specialize in innovative strategies for Protecting and Preserving Assets and Wealth, Asset Management and Distribution, Tax Strategies, Legal – Will or Trust, Veterans Benefits, Medicaid Planning, and Long Term Care Payment Options.

Legacy Estate Partners was founded on Six Core Values: Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Respect, Ethics, and Faith. These values were instilled in Joe at an early age by his Father and Grandfather.

Legacy Estate Partners is a market leader with a focus on Clients who are in or near Retirement. Joe started Legacy Estate Partners because he became frustrated and fed up with the lack of professional help available for Sound Estate Planning and even more so the lack of transparency, Integrity, and respect from the so-called Advisor world. Over the years it became very apparent to Joe that a lot of Advisors were inexperienced and or more interested in padding their wallets instead of doing what was in the client’s best interests!

Over the years, Joe has listened to countless stories from people whose financial lives have been turned upside down due to poor planning, decisions, and advice! Joe does not believe that you need to be in the Stock Market or chasing risky investments to accumulate Wealth. Legacy Estate Partners strongly suggests a more conservative approach to investing, especially for their clients who are in or near retirement.

Legacy Estate Partners strongly believes that every person and their families are entitled to the Gift of Peace of Mind that comes from Sound Estate Planning. Joe and his team at Legacy Estate Partners would rather have a client’s Assets and Wealth be Protected and Preserved for their families instead of it going to the Government, Attorneys, or Nursing Home.

Joe was born in Chicago, IL and his family relocated to Des Moines, IA at a young age. Joe attended Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines, IA and Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, IA.

Joe has been happily married for 24 years and he and his wife have two beautiful daughters! Joe is a proud American Citizen, Devout Christian, and a Community Volunteer for many different events and organizations.

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