Creating Your Estate Plan

Creating your estate plan is the first step in building confidence in Retirement. A comprehensive, carefully developed plan helps you understand how each decision you make affects the other areas of your Estate. A plan also shows you how each decision can affect your short-term and long-term goals. At Legacy Estate Partners, our Advisors begin the planning process by sitting down and having lengthy and detailed conversations with you about your dreams and goals. They assess your current Estate situation, and then develop Strategies for delivering tailored Solutions to put your Plan in action.

Our estate planning has four phases:

  1. Your initial Free Complimentary Estate Analysis meeting will be a fact finding and information gathering discussion to clearly understand your current Estate situation. This meeting will enable us to take the information gathered to uncover suggestions and recommendations to better improve your current situation.
  2. Your following visits will entail a review of the information gathered from our previous meetings. Suggestions and recommendations will then be presented to you and we will return as many times as necessary to ensure you and your family fully understand your Estate Plan.
  3. Plan implementation.
  4. Ongoing review and implementation of the plan.

Let’s Get Started

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