Ask Yourself This


Will you lose your Assets and Wealth to Taxes, Probate & Nursing Home Costs?

Below are a list of Critical Questions you Need to ask Yourself:

  • How Will I Pay for My Long Term Care?
  • Are My Assets Properly Protected?
  • Would I Rather Have My Wealth & Assets Go To My Family, Nursing Home or Government?
  • Should I Have a Will or Trust?
  • Do I Really Understand the True Costs of Probate?

Then ask yourself this:

When was the last time your Financial Advisor visited with you to determine how you will pay for Nursing Home Care, your tax strategy options, should you have a Will or Trust & how can you Protect & Preserve your Assets for your Family in the most Tax Efficient Manner possible?

Do you know ALL your Options?

If any of the above questions create a concern or red flag to you, please contact Legacy Estate Partners today! We offer a FREE Complimentary Consultation.

Our Promise To You…

  • Treat you with the Utmost Dignity & Respect
  • Provide Sound Factual Information, Suggestions & Solutions.
  • Help Identify Your Goals, Gaps & Challenges
  • Enable you to pass on more of your Wealth & Assets to your family
  • Give you Peace of Mind!

Good News for Sound Estate Planning!

Introducing: “Family Stretch IRA”

  • New Distribution Rules for Qualified Retirement Accounts!
  • New Rules are more Simple & Flexible!
  • Distribution can now be spread over several generations!
  • Don’t lose 40%-70% of your IRA in Taxes!

If you do not intend to use all of your individual retirement accounts, consider creating a Family Legacy for your Children & Grandchildren…

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