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One-stop shop for Iowans who want trusted advice on investment, retirement, long term care, tax planning, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and much more.

Retirement Income

Can you answer these basic questions? When can I retire and how much do I need? What retirement planning tools should I be considering? How should I plan my retirement income? At Legacy Estate Partners, our goal is to educate clients across Iowa so they know how to plan retirement income. We feel it is important to educate on all aspects of retirement planning including Social Security claiming strategies, covering long term care risks, and customized investment advice. Get ready for retirement by taking the steps necessary today for retirement income planning based on your needs and goals.

Long Term Care

Ignoring the potential that you or your spouse may need long term care after retirement can put your wealth at risk. At Legacy Estate Partners, we can help you determine what solutions can help you meet your needs while preserving your wealth. If you are concerned about LTC needs after your retirement, let Joe Franz and Derek Wilkerson introduce you to the broad products available to help you keep your healthcare costs low after retirement. We can help make sure you are not risking your wealth to get quality, needed healthcare.

Wealth Management

You want to work with someone who offers a broad range of wealth management services. In Iowa, this means turning to Legacy Estate Partners. We pride ourselves in taking a broad approach to wealth management, including taking into consideration your risk tolerance, your current portfolio of assets and your future projected Social Security benefits. We understand the importance of developing wealth management services that address your need to have a diverse selection of products, strategies, and a plan to preserve your retirement income from the possibility of high medical bills and market volatility.

Legacy Estate Partners Difference

With shared long-held Iowan values of honesty, integrity and respect, Joe Franz and Derek Wilkerson of Legacy Estate Partners (LEP) have forged a lasting relationship that has enabled them to provide lasting benefits to their customers.

Joe and Derek have developed a “one-stop shop” for their clientele with an extensive local and national network of retirement and estate planning professionals. As a boutique firm, they offer their clients a personalized approach, but with comprehensive solutions more often associated with larger firms, a true win-win relationship.

Joe and Derek value that relationship first and foremost, which is why they give every client their personal cell phone numbers and encourage their clients to call them with any questions, regardless of when or why! When difficult decisions need to be made, LEP clients know they can get in touch with someone and have a team that is there to help them make those crucial decisions for themselves and their families.

The drive to help people, do right by others, and contribute positively to people’s retirement prospects are what give Joe and Derek real satisfaction in their work, and these are the same values that drive their business practice every day. When you work with Joe and Derek, you have an advisor, but more importantly, a friend for life.

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